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Future-safe solutions based on knowledge

For more than 50 years, Interacoustics has helped the professional world reach new milestones in the field of hearing and balance assessment. Today, we continue to offer a complete product range for every need.

Leading solutions

As a leading diagnostic solutions provider, we work diligently towards improving the everyday work ow and diagnostic possibility for our customers. Our solutions are tested every day all over the world in real-life environments, where audiologists, ENTs, researchers and clinical personnel combine their knowledge and our equipment to positively change the lives of patients. We are proud to be an active part in this work, and we develop every new product with this in mind.


The Interacoustics product range covers the entire eld of hearing and balance assessment and is developed with a strong focus on ease of use, future-safe solutions and integration across platforms. These are key factors, because we realize the importance of diagnostic instruments and software that not only solve your task at hand, but also simplify your working procedures. Now – and in the years to come.


We support your changing work requirements by o ering a unique and dedicated setup that is truly devoted to your task at hand. When and where you need it.

With you at all times

We operate in over 100 countries worldwide through a carefully selected network of distributors and service centres. Purchasing an Interacoustics product guarantees not only a quality product, but also direct access to our highly professional training and support service.

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